Perfect Wardrobe designs

Perfect wardrobe designs

for your home

Types of Wardrobe


Openable wardrobe allows for easy accessibility. It is a conventional choice that comes with ample loft cabinets to store your clothes.


Give your room a sleek, space-saving storage solution with sliding wardrobes. The doors of these wardrobes slide from side to side.

Flush Door Sliding

Achieve a seamless look with wardrobe doors which are in line with each other.

F 2 C

Wardrobe design that go all the way up to the ceiling and cover an entire portion of wall. These give added internal space and seamless design appeal.

Folding Sliding

Stackable doors that fold at multiple panel hinges, and also slide and stack perfectly to one or more sides. This allows for a smooth transition between indoors to outside settings free of any hindrance or obstruction.

Walk In Closets

Closets sufficiently big as to allow one to walk into them to browse through the items. It often has a small room with wall-mounted cabinets, shelves and drawers.

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One Stop Customised Wardrobes Solution

A creation that suits your personality.

Give Your Wardrobes a striking with a variety of modules,shutters in vibrant shades and a range of innovative and functional accessories.

High Quality Products

Commited to crafting products from the best quality materials to give you furniture that will last a lifetime and more.

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We have over 400 stores across 84 cities. Visit us to experience our product first hand or interact with our team.

Free Delivery & Installation

Delivery to your home and installation by our technician at no extra cost.

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Frequently asked questions

For any assistance related to Modbloc Wardrobes please contact the Wardrobes Business Head at [email protected] and +91-9055 300 300

How much do the Wardrobes cost?

The price of a Wardrobes will depend on the size, material, accessories and other products used in the Wardrobes as well as on the need and usage of the Wardrobes. Our Wardrobes are planned by our Wardrobes specialists and are planned scientifically using need capturing checklists which ensure that the planned space has utilities and aesthetics according to the user of the Wardrobes.


Why should I choose your Wardrobes?

1. Availability of carcass option in both boiling water proof marine ply (our proprietary material – Durostrong) 

2. We provide 15 years warranty*

3. Further, our product is designed especially for Indian cooking needs which have high oil and water usage and are perfect in the Indian weather conditions as well.

4. We manufacture all our Wardrobes – Our factory is a state of the art, one of its kind set up in North India which is completely automated to bring down manual errors as well as to ensure micron level precision.

5. We offer complete transparency in our dealings and aim to ensure complete client satisfaction during the process

6. Comprehensive after sales service.

What is the warranty that you offer?

We offer warranties on our products, as well as a maintenance service to ensure your Wardrobes is always in good condition. We offer a 15 years warranty*.

* – conditions apply

How long does it take to make a Wardrobes?

Any Wardrobes finalization typically goes through the below stages:

1. Initial Visit to the store where the customer is given a walkthrough and explained about our product and services
2. Customer site measurement where in our salesperson will take the measurement of the space where the Wardrobes is to be planned
3. Initial Drawing and discussion wherein change if any can be made
4. Finalization of the Wardrobes after payment of an advance amount
5. Delivery is done generally between 2– 8 weeks but may vary depending on the material chosen and the festive season.